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I’ve been trying to get ahold of you! I didn’t have your number anymore because I got a new phone ): How are you dear! I’ve been thinking about you.

I’m okay. How have you been?

anicolexo replied to your post: Hi. I’m alive. Thanks for caring.

where have you been!!!!!!!!

In a cave in the deep, deep woods, sorting out my own issues. 

Hi. I’m alive. Thanks for caring.

A message from spooksterdarren
Okay, so I might have a little thing for teacher!Blaine, student!Kurt. And your fic is amazing. You're not giving up on it are you? xx

Absolutely not. I’m just at a mental roadblock with excruciating pain in my hands and wrists.

I want to update so bad that it isn’t even funny. I have some ideas and want to try to put them down, but I can’t type for long periods of time without my hands tingling and going numb. :0(

*sprawls out on laptop, takes nap*

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I searched Shia LeBeouf in soundcloud and found this.

Everyone needs to listen to this.


This song never fails to make me cry. The first time I heard it, I could feel my heart breaking deep down in my chest at the sheer thought of having to go through life without Kurt by my side. He’s the air that I breathe and the beat in my heart.

I am eternally grateful that he walked into Dalton Academy when he did and consider myself to be so unbelievably blessed that I’m able to call him mine.

I love you so much, Kurt.

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Yay okay! We can dream about NYC together! :)

^^^ I approve of the above message. ;0) 


Instead of spoilers, would you guys prefer a Q&A session with Kurt and/or Mr. Anderson? 

fuckyeahcorylea replied to your post: anyone want a few spoilers?

You’re alive?! We all need to skype asap, I miss your voice! And feel free to message me spoilers you have :)

That I am! :0D I miss you too and I agree! Let me know when you’re available. Let’s make this Skype party happen!